An overview of the US education system, ranging from the introduction of what Liberal Arts Colleges are to how the education in US differs from that of other countries, such as Malaysia, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. Get to know the life in different parts of the US and various types of school from a diverse group of facilitators.

Date: 7th July 2012

Time: 2pm – 6:30 pm (Be there by 1pm to check yourself in)

Venue: Lecture Theater 20 Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus (Venue Sponsor)

Fee: Free

Eligibility: Students Only.

Tentative Guest Speakers:

Chung Tin Fah- Yale alumnus

Mr Chung Tin Fah graduated with a Masters from Yale University. After his graduation, he returned to Malaysia to work for Bank Negara Malaysia, Investment Banks, SOCSO and the Securities Commission. He is currently a senior lecturer in a private university, teaching finance and pursuing a PhD in finance in a local university.

He has participated in the Yale interview process for applicants as a member of its alumni since 1998.

Atiqah Nadiah Zailani- Stanford alumna

  • Born & bred in KL
  • Went to Bukit Bintang Girls School, now Pavillion (sigh)
  • JPA Scholar
  • Went to Stanford University in 2005, graduated in 2009 with Bachelors in Biological Sciences (Honors) and Masters in Management Sc & Eng.
  • Worked in the education field in Japan, China & US before returning to Malaysia
  • Currently with TalentCorp Malaysia, looking into national human capital issues

Andrew Loh- Swarthmore alumnus
Andrew majored in Political Science and minored in Islamic Studies in Swarthmore College. He thinks Malaysians should at least consider tertiary education in the United States because the rich and powerful are sending their kids there /wink. Non-exhaustive proof of the global shift of power:

  •  Dato’ Sri Najib Razak (Nottingham University, UK) –> Nor Ashman (Georgetown University, USA), Nooryana Najwa (Georgetown University, USA)
  •  Lee Kuan Yew (Cambridge, UK) –> Lee Hsien Loong (Cambridge, UK) –> Li Hongyi (MIT, USA)


    • Carol Yong- Berkeley College ’11
    • Aaron Nair- Boston University ’13
    • Chia Jing Min- Sarah Lawrence College ’13
    • Winnie Yeoh- University of Wisconsin-Madison ’13
    • Janice Shiu Mei En- Mount Holyoke College ’14
    • Gan Ching Yee- University of California-Berkeley ’14
    • Daniel Khaw Peng Tsu- University of Pennsylvania ’14
    • Jason Leong Chong Beng- University of Pennsylvania ’14
    • Nyon Yee Won- Smith College ’15
    • Melissa Tan- Connecticut College ’15
    • Neal Tan Jujian- Connecticut College ’15
    • Jorene Ooi- Northwestern University ’15
    • Allisha Azlan- Northwestern University ’15
    • Russell Pang Yan Wei- Drake University ’15
    • Loh Kai Syuen- University of Pennsylvania ’15
    • Aishwariya Kumar- University of Pennsylvania ’15
    • Goh Sue Ann- University of California-Berkeley ’15
    • Lina Ahmed Abushouk- Sarah Lawrence College ’15
    • Kavita Chandran- University of Washington-Seattle ’15
    • Alwin Tan Wee Giat- University of Washington-Seattle ’15
    • John Lee Von Leon- University of Michigan-Ann Arbor ’15
    • Josephine Ho- Wesleyan ’16
    • Matthew Moo- Undecided ’16
    • Wong Mi Hui- Bates College ’16
    • Jo-Anne Loh- Columbia University ’16
    • Shaun Hon- Imperial College London ’16
    • Joyce Lim Huey Yee- Wellesley College ’16
    • Tam Qi Zhan- University of Pennsylvania ’16
    • Victor Tan- University of California-Berkeley ’16
    • Nur Azre Abdul Aziz- Wake Forest University ’16
    • Syed Akmal Shafiq Syed Haris- Duke University ’16
    • Timothy Goh Kean Khoon- University of Pennsylvania ’16
    • Dylan Ler Hong Jing- University of California-Los Angeles ’16
    • Syazwan Aiman Sobri- University of California-Los Angeles ’16
    • Kareem bin Mohamed Fareed- University of California-Los Angeles ’16

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