Guide to the Applications

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  1. Su Ann’s Application Guide Part 1 (please scroll down)
  2. Su Ann’s Application Guide Part 2: The Essay
  3. Gabrielle Yong’s Wellesley4Msia
  4. Charis Loke’s Reflections on the College Application Essay
  5. Charis Loke’s Reflection on the College Application Process
  6. Boon Jim’s Sharing on his Early Decision (ED) Application to Cornell University
  7. Andrew Loh’s College Application Essays
  8. Andrew Loh’s For the Kiamsiap: How to save money in US college applications
  9. Wun Min’s How to Apply to MIT?!
  10. Application Guide:  1st thread,   2nd thread,   3rd thread,   4th thread
  11. Iswari’s Application Essays FAQ
  12. Common Data Set (Prepared by Xianjin)
  13. Why a liberal arts school? Why not?
  14. Studying in US: the international student guide to education and study in the USA
  15. tips on admissions, essay writing and interviews.
  16. College Admission
  17. Hopeless to Harvard The book is likely to be a waste of money. But you might find the site (and any free stuff you find related to it) interesting.
  19. Guide to Writing Personal Statement on UC Television
  20. How (Not) to Get Into an Ivy by a former admissions officer.
  21. US News Guide to Admission
  22. Answers From Harvard’s Dean, William R. Fitzsimmons. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  23. Amanda’s Guide for Potential Student Athletes
  24. Alice Huang’s Interview & Essay Guide
  25. General Application Advice by Kevin Sim, Counselor from Raffles Junior College

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