Meet Josephine!


Now that you’ve met May May, it’s time to meet another member from the USAPPS2014 Core Committee,  Josephine Ho. Read on to learn more about her!



Enjoying the fall season
Enjoying the fall season

Hello! I am Josephine and I am a sophomore at Wesleyan University. I have lived in Kuala Lumpur all my life until I came to Wesleyan. I haven’t been to the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak, but I have been to Sabah and have climbed Mount Kinabalu! I enjoy traveling although I can’t say I am an outdoor person. I spent all my breaks in the US thus far and have been really lucky to have friends who love traveling too. Moving to Middletown has made me appreciate the vibrance of a big city. I am so glad that NYC is just two hours away!

What do you do in your free time?

When I am free, I spend time at the dining hall, eating really slowly and catching up with my friends. My college’s dining hall has a great selection of food but there is nothing like home-cooked meals. I love having potlucks because it motivates me to cook good dishes for my friends. I am casual Latin dancer so I take dance classes with a dance instructor who comes to campus each week. I live in the Japanese Hall on campus because I have a keen interest in living and collaborating with people who are equally interested in Japanese culture. I have a keen interest origami, particularly modular origami. There is a beautiful cemetery atop the hill behind my dorm. When it is not too cold, my friends and I would stroll to the hilltop to watch the city nightlights or the sunset.

Having fun at Wesleyan's  SEA cultural night
Having fun at Wesleyan’s SEA cultural night

What are you involved in your college that you never saw yourself doing?

I played the erhu in a Chinese music ensemble during my freshman year. It was my first time playing a musical instrument in many years.

How do you deal with homesickness?

I tend to be homesick when life becomes too comfortable and monotonous. To combat this, I travel during breaks and try out new things. It can be as simple as a new restaurant in town or getting to know a new friend! I have also met a bunch of friends who are really warm and supportive. We celebrate birthdays with potlucks, video games and karaoke– we have a friend who has a gig in karaoke services!

Curing homesickness with some karaoke.