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Here at USAPPS, our secret to success is our amazing team of volunteers. Each year, dedicated Malaysian students in the US, who are passionate about helping other Malaysian students to learn more about studying in the US, get together to run workshops across the country to share their experiences. If this opportunity sounds appealing to you, please consider signing up as a facilitator or volunteering in other areas for our 2015 workshops! By signing up now, we’ll keep you in the loop as we make preparations. Not sure if you’ll be around to help? No worries – we are aware that it is too early for most people to commit. Just let us know what your tentative plans are!

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If you'd still like to be a facilitator at USAPPS 2015 but haven't filled out this form (i.e. we don't know that you're coming for sure), please email ASAP and we'll forward you the relevant info.

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