Meet Josephine!


Now that you’ve met May May, it’s time to meet another member from the USAPPS2014 Core Committee,  Josephine Ho. Read on to learn more about her!



Enjoying the fall season
Enjoying the fall season

Hello! I am Josephine and I am a sophomore at Wesleyan University. I have lived in Kuala Lumpur all my life until I came to Wesleyan. I haven’t been to the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak, but I have been to Sabah and have climbed Mount Kinabalu! I enjoy traveling although I can’t say I am an outdoor person. I spent all my breaks in the US thus far and have been really lucky to have friends who love traveling too. Moving to Middletown has made me appreciate the vibrance of a big city. I am so glad that NYC is just two hours away!

What do you do in your free time?

When I am free, I spend time at the dining hall, eating really slowly and catching up with my friends. My college’s dining hall has a great selection of food but there is nothing like home-cooked meals. I love having potlucks because it motivates me to cook good dishes for my friends. I am casual Latin dancer so I take dance classes with a dance instructor who comes to campus each week. I live in the Japanese Hall on campus because I have a keen interest in living and collaborating with people who are equally interested in Japanese culture. I have a keen interest origami, particularly modular origami. There is a beautiful cemetery atop the hill behind my dorm. When it is not too cold, my friends and I would stroll to the hilltop to watch the city nightlights or the sunset.

Having fun at Wesleyan's  SEA cultural night
Having fun at Wesleyan’s SEA cultural night

What are you involved in your college that you never saw yourself doing?

I played the erhu in a Chinese music ensemble during my freshman year. It was my first time playing a musical instrument in many years.

How do you deal with homesickness?

I tend to be homesick when life becomes too comfortable and monotonous. To combat this, I travel during breaks and try out new things. It can be as simple as a new restaurant in town or getting to know a new friend! I have also met a bunch of friends who are really warm and supportive. We celebrate birthdays with potlucks, video games and karaoke– we have a friend who has a gig in karaoke services!

Curing homesickness with some karaoke.

Meet May May!


That’s right, the USAPPS 2014 is back again this summer with an exciting series of workshops coming your way. In the mean time let’s meet, May May, who is overseeing the core committee this year and has been working hard with the core to make this year’s workshops the best yet!


Enjoying the first days of spring 2014 on High Rise Field

Hi! My name is May May and I am currently a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. I was raised in Kuala Lumpur, but my family is Sarawakian (taking full ownership of the ‘K’ on my IC). In other words, I have extremely high standards when it comes to the freshness of fish, been on speedboats way too many times than I care for, and know what its like to have goats in my backyard. I love the contrast between East and West Malaysia, and I appreciate the fact that I got to experience the dichotomy growing up.

Some other things I like are music, sunshine and Faber-Castell color pencils. I also have this mild obsession with hair bows. During my school days, I spent far too many conscious hours playing computer games (I was one of those kids who replayed RPGs to the point where I would walk away during cut scenes because I knew all the lines).

What do you do in your free time?

Watching the sunrise from the steps leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Watching the sunrise from the steps leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

I used to find myself strolling to Center City Philadelphia whenever I had free time, back when I had free time. Philadelphia is honestly a great city, and there is way too much to explore, from food to culture to history. Every time I think I’ve seen it all, a friend of mine would post up a photo of a different area in town, or a really cool restaurant that I have not been to, and that is more than enough for me to justify another trip down. I spend a great deal of time drawing and designing. To me, art is a realm of endless possibilities, and it makes me really happy to be able to turn a blank canvas into something meaningful. Back home, I was also the kid who brought brownies and macarons to group projects because I was constantly baking, and over-baking. Who knows, I might whip something up during the workshops!

Disney World over winter with USAPPS veterans!

Why is USAPPS 2014 special to you?

Because I’m on the core! Jokes. Yes, it means a great deal to me because I am personally involved, but I think that USAPPS 2014 is great because the first cohort of students that attended the very first USAPPS workshops will be graduating from university this year. With this, I think that USAPPS has reached a whole new milestone, and seeing how well all of these seniors turned out is a huge source of inspiration for me. It is my hope that they would be able to bring their stories and experiences to the table and inspire the next batch of Malaysian dreamers. USAPPS 2014 will be bringing changes to the table – I look forward to it!

What are you involved in your college that you never saw yourself doing?

Everyone who has known me in the past would laugh out loud at the fact that I am part of a fraternity – a professional business fraternity, at that!

 How do you deal with homesickness?

To be completely honest, I don’t! It’s not to say that I don’t sometimes miss having a bed two times larger than it has to be, my adorable cats, and being able to use completely mangled English and still have people understand what I am saying. Rather, I am just very blessed to be surrounded by very loving people who have become my home away from home. My Bible study group does potlucks all the time so I get loads of home-cooked food, which is great. I am very involved with the Malaysian Student Association on campus, too, and it is a very warm community. We often have joint events with other ASEAN constituent groups (where we basically get together and eat massive amounts – yet often not enough -of Asian food) and it’s been great!

Spring break potluck with my SGP Bible Study