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Malaysian students and alumni share their stories about their experiences in the U.S., their application journeys, what they wish they knew and more.

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What is so amazing about the USAPPS is the dedicated facilitators who would answer any questions that you have during and even after the workshop. Since they have been through the application process, they are able to shed light on the important aspects of a a personal essay and the emphasis of a ‘good fit’ when selecting colleges. A few of the facilitators have debunked some of my self-doubt and fears about the application process. Besides, the ‘go chase your dreams and never give up’ vibe from the workshop has brushed off on me.

How Han Ming, Wesleyan University ’17

One of the facilitators during one of the workshops introduced himself and said that he was still undecided on his major. At the time, I couldn’t even fathom the idea that it’s okay to not knowing what you want to study. But his answer intrigued me. The US has a very flexible education system. Score one. Next, he went on to talk about all these amazing college activities that I thought only exist on TV through American teenage dramas. Score two. He further explained on how the American universities and colleges encourage and provide supportive environment for students to become holistic individuals. By the end of the workshop, I knew that US is where I belong.

Nurul Hidayah Hassan, NYU '14

I learnt about terms like ED and CSS PROFILE when I attended my first USAPPS workshop in TCSJ in 2009 when I was 16 and clueless. I applied to American universities twice in a row (after failing to secure financial aid the first time) and I believe I couldn’t have done it without the support of one of the USAPPS facilitators.

Annabelle Ooi, Mt. Holyoke '17